Behavior Consultations & Training

Are you frustrated by your pet’s behavior?

Living with a pet that has behavior problems can be stressful, frustrating, or even scary. At Soft Touch, we understand and want to help. Whether your dog is barking and lunging at people on walks, or your cat has stopped using their litterbox, we can help. Our unique approach will help you to truly understand why your pet is exhibiting certain behaviors and what can be done to help them to overcome these issues. We focus on treating the roots of the problems, not just the behavioral symptoms because without a whole pet approach the issues are likely to recur or worsen later in life.

We use only the most current, up to date, humane training methods.

Our goal is for you to have a better relationship with your pet, and we will achieve that goal by using a team approach, offering regular support and collaborating closely with your pet’s regular veterinarian.

We are glad you are here and look forward to meeting you soon.