About Us

Since 2015, Soft Touch has been helping people and pets learn to live together in harmony. Our goal is to encourage and motivate people to create a better world for animals. We provide you with the tools to understand animals and introduce you to other pet owners who are experiencing similar challenges. By using a cooperative approach we will learn from each other and change the world.

Knowledge leads to understanding, understanding leads to compassion and empathy. When you see the picture through the animals eyes, you want to help them to feel better and when they feel better, they will behave better. Knowledge, kindness, patience and understanding will lead to success.

No two animals are alike and therefore each journey is unique. We will be here to guide you through each step until you feel confident in your new skills. We want you to succeed and look forward in watching your relationship grow into something beautiful.

Our Story

It all started because of a dog named Dally. When Dr. Rockwell was in veterinary school she adopted a dog that had serious injuries and behavioral issues. Dally would bark and lunge at people, dogs and other things in the city. Dr. Rockwell sought help from some very well known trainers and board certified veterinary behaviorists. She followed the instructions to use leash corrections and punishment which only made the situation worse. After seeing a board certified veterinary behaviorist she learned both fear and pain were contributing to Dally’s behavior.

Throughout her career in general practice she counseled clients on normal animal behavior, and the connection between poor nutrition/health/pain and behavior. She sought out these cases and found them to be the most rewarding. In 2015 she opened Soft Touch and the business has now grown to include rehabilitation therapy, nutritional therapy, behavioral counseling and training. Dr. Rockwell loves to learn and share her knowledge. We are excited to have you here and look forward to you becoming part of our Soft Touch Family.